Collision File Editor II

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Collision File Editor II is a tool for creating and editing collision files for GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas.

Built completely from scratch, CollEditor 2 is much more reliable and flexible than the old CollEditor, and offers a lot more features. It fully supports all characteristics of all 3 known .col file formats, and offers several built-in optimization routines to achieve best possible results.


  • supports version 1, 2 and 3 collision files
  • easy mouse navigation
  • sub-object editing by mouse and type-in
  • several optimization routines
  • support for embedded vehicle collision models
  • drag’n’drop functionality
  • surface lighting generator
  • batch conversion feature

Known Problems

  • There is no undo or backup function yet, the only way to restore a collision file is by loading the previously saved version. So don’t forget to save and backup your work often! A snapshot function is planned.
  • The calculated bounding sphere is not minimal at all! Would be great if someone could point me to a (working) implementation of a minimum sphere of spheres algorithm. Speed doesn’t matter much since it’s not done in realtime.
  • It’s not possible to delete vertices (yet), just delete the faces. (Isolated verts will be deleted automatically on saving.)
  • It’s not possible to move faces, just move the vertices used by the face (same effect).
  • There is no options dialog yet. If you need to change something that’s not available through the menu, please edit the CollEditor2.ini by hand.


CollEditor II 0.4 Beta: face selection CollEditor II 0.4 Beta: sphere transformation CollEditor II 0.4 Beta: shadow mesh editing CollEditor II 0.4 Beta: face group visualization CollEditor II 0.4 Beta: editing options CollEditor II 0.4 Beta: surface lighting generator CollEditor II 0.4 Beta: batch conversion dialog CollEditor II 0.4 Beta: sphere creation via type-in

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