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RW Analyze may be used to obtain a detailed visualization and analysis of the contents of RenderWare binary stream files.

RenderWare binary stream files (like .rws, .anm, .bsp, .dff, .dma or .txd) are hierarchically structured binary data files used by the RenderWare 3.x graphics engine. RWA allows to view those files, including the contents of individual components and the hierarchical structure of the stream. Furthermore the tool offers various modification possibilities.


  • visualizes the hierarchical structured contents of a RW file
  • contains a sophisticated content parsing engine with several error tracking functions
  • enables to move, add, copy, change, clear, delete, import and export sections
  • offers various data analysis methods (hex view, data table, edit in (external) hex editor, and more…)

New in version 0.4 Beta

  • DFF to RW 3.4 Conversion (single and batch)
  • TXD to XBOX Conversion (single and batch)
  • Copy/Import/Export complex sections
  • Append File
  • Texture List
  • icons for the popup menu
  • improved section path box
  • various internal changes and bug fixes

RenderWare is a registered trademark of Canon Inc.


RW Analyze 0.4 Beta

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RW Analyze 0.4 Beta
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